As every fly fishing, fly fishing for Salmon is an exercice frustration, you can hear it very well at the begining of the film: frustasjon, yes it comes from the latin Fristra, you didn’t expect the Vikings to know anything about frustration did you? So frustasjon it is, frustration also brings joy and the more you are frustration the more joy you will get, but watch out, there is a very thin kine that you should not cross, otherwise your frustration could lead to anger, and we don’t want that! I tell you something, fly fishing is not for the weaken heart! As in any scandinavian fly fishing film there is the coffee pot on the fire (why is that, I don’t know) and buddies, because fly fishing is what you do with your frineds, it’s almost as compulsory as the coffee on the fire! So here you have 12 minutes of joy, laughter, frustration coffee and friends on the rivers of Sweden and Norway, and let’s not forget the Salmon! It’s bliss.