When do you fish? Unfortunatly we found out that the best fishing days are very often the rainy days, but there is one thing we hate, it’s rain. Rain is often cold, and when you have a drop that falls in your neck, it’s hell, not mentionning the lousy waterproof jackets that are always too expensive, even when they are cheap, since they don’t do the job. One Jacket we love and we wear is the SST jacket from Patagonia. 81864_FGE_OPENIt’s light and really waterproof, comfortable and well buit. Not mentioning the customers service (which for me is one of the most important). But that SST is one of a kind! It has two enormous pockets on the front with flaps to prevent from the rain to get in, in those pockets, you’ll be able to stash not only large fly boxes but also plenty of the extra things we always take to the river. In one of the pockets there is a zipped smaller one for your licence, for instance. On the side two zipped handwarmers and one extra pocket in the back big enough to carry your lunch! But one of the best things we like about that wading jacket is the length, because it’s not  real wading jacket but a waterproof jacket! Of course you’ll have rubber cuffs so water doens’t get in when you put your forearm in the water. One other thing is the belt! Very useful the belt, it might save your life,since it prevents the water to get inyour waders if you ever get too deep in the water! Perfect from january until december, ok to wear comfortably when it’s summer and the weather is warm, but also easy to fit a Puff jacket unerneath or a down sweater! Perfect gift for 399