With winter’s bitter wind cutting your face while you’re stalking the polders in search of the meter pike of your dreams, or even worse: with the blizzard, freezing you each time you ride your boat between spots, you’re almost wondering what the hell you’re doing here. And let’s face it: your beloved skull headed buff would rather stay in its drawer, waiting for the next trip on the flats.


Outlier, the swan brand coming to us from Brooklyn’s bike riding hispters, cares for you, O blue nosed fishing brother. Here’s what you need to sink your face into a world of cosy warmth: a Strongwool Snap Bandana. Some very fine Italian Merinos, just enough synthetic fibers, a smart fidlock… and yes: some attitude.

Right now you’re seeing yourself as a 10 wt desperado. [Insert Ennio Morricone’s music]