We all dream about it. All? Well a lot of us. Fly fishing in Italy, probably one of the nicest European destination this year. Trout, Marble Trout and Grayling from the Dolomites! Not only prestine waters, but excelent food! Italy became in the last 4 years, THE fly fishing destination of Europe.italie_peche_truite_05 They’ve learned from their neighbors, Austria and Slovenia, that a well procteted river system, extended catch & release, and good river management was the key for excellent fishing (not forgetting the food)! You’ll be hosted in a nice boutique hotel in the heart of the valley, clos from all the rivers you’ll be fishing! That is an awesome Xmas present, and if you are coming to visit Italy, take the opportunity to go fishing with our partners from DHD Laïka (the website is in French, but you can email them, they speak english price is 1400$), two guided days out of 5 with an english speaking guide! It’s very easy to find a cheap flight to Venice and rent a car. You can get in touch with Adrien from DHD, they can make a custom itinerary for you!peche-mouche-italie-diapo1