Ho ho ho !  How we love those waders, We already loved the standard Rio Gallegos, but now that they come with a front zipper, the Rio Gallego Zip Front are totally different! At the office, we all wear Patagonia gear, simply because we’ve found that it’s the best, and one of the main reason is the customers service. The waders I’m fishing with is the second generation of Rio Gallegos, the first ones, I had to send them twice to customers service for repair, I fish in Cattlelandia, therfore there is plenty of barbed wire and they are the wader’s worst enemy. The third time I ripped them Patagonia sent me a brand new pair! And all of that for the price of shipping. That’s why I love Patagonia’s Customer service, they really care about you and your gear.82806_FGE

Now here are the reasons why you should try to get those waders as a Xmas present: how they fit, they fit almost like regular pants which is nice when you have to walk, the top is large enough to wear a fleece or a down jacket and not be tight. The waders can also be worn with top part roled down when the weather is hot!

There are two zipped pockets where you can stach big fly boxes and inside the waders there are two other expendables pockets that will fit your streamers boxes. Plus two pocket warmers on the front and a sealed waterproof pocket inside to put your phone and your keys. Most appreciated are the suspenders with a special to hook your gear to!82806_FGE_INNERPCKT

Talking about heat, let’s mention the knees. The knees are padded with foam (removable) that allows you to kneel when needed, but it has another purpose, it keeps you warm! Knees are a very week part of the human body and cold water on the knees could make you feel cold very quickly, with the pads, you have a protection so you won’t feel the cold current and that’ll give extra time to fish, as well as the socks, they are foot formed and made of 4mm neoprene! Some might say they are pricy, but they are worth every dollar! So hey, Santa, Bring me those Patagonia Rio Gallego Zip Front Waders!