Probably the best Christmas gift, and it’s not a top of the line rod.Weird you might think? No, because this rod is not for you if you are a confirmed angler, this rod is for beginners, this rod is maybe going to be the trigger for someone to become a passionate fly fisher! Do you remember your first fly fishing rod, how much you loved it, how much it ment for you? You practiced so much with it that it had no secrets. So for all those reasons it’s probably the best gift ever! I am sure you know a kid or a beginner who would love to have that Redington Minnow Combo as a Xmas present, think of the amount of love you might give with this gift. 2b5dc443-2d52-4cba-a8f6-ba12f7100efeIt comes with everything, rod, reel, line and tube! All you need to do is get that kid a flull fly box and take him fishing. Also spend 150$, but it’s probably the best money ever spent!0d324053-3dfa-4a7e-9095-4f49b57bc31b