At Stickman, they develop their offer slowly: each model is singular, and tailor-made for a specific application. The guys are dedicated rodsmiths, there’s no way they would spawn a whole series of clone blanks.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to fish a long time with the T8, an 8wt behaving like a 6, a few grams of sheer joy to cast. As long as you don’t need the ugly big streamers…


Since then, Ákos and his crew issued the big sister: a 10wt with sublime figures: a net (108g) and a swing weight (87gm²) of a top model, a playful tip and just the authority you need to control some serious client. If you were expecting pike season with a fever, or if you’re planning a trip to catch big bones, tarpons or peacock bass, but you still want to have fun while casting, all I can say is that I don’t know of anything better than a Stickman T10 at that. It’s not a rod from outer space: just a finely tuned use of the best materials to yield the best tool there is today to drop that chunky purple bunch of feathers right on this edge over there. And if you feel the need for more power in a fight, there’s a T10s version, designed for dirty fights in the salt. Check out the many other color themes too!