Water lives in all of us, fishermen, surfers, divers, fishermen… It is the source of all our dreams and our fantasies. And divers now have their clothes, dedicated to their passion!

Did you know that there are no recycling channels for neoprene diving suits? I didn’t know it to. But it was not counting on the will of Mary and her sister!eb27275138b71372150c7ca1931ad14b

They are launching their own brand of clothing, made in France, which uses your old wet suits to make elbow and shoulder pads. We love it! Here in French Brittany, diving is for many a true vocation! The vocation of those who go see our friends with scales underwater.

And then, Téorum. A name that symbolize a lot to the ears of divers. The rum tea (yes, that comes from there), it is the drink that we drink after having been swimming. And these sweaters will warm you once on the boat or at the harbour!

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