8866723790878_celum_127673_1280Wx1120HFor grown ups and for kids! Grown ups because we love to have a knife in the desk drawer, or in the pocket, not too big, but nice and elegant enough to impress around us, like kids. We also like what is special and the Pioneer Alox limited Edition is exactly what we like! As for the kids, who never dreamed of a swiss knife? This one is the Special Edition in Green which gives instantly a boy scout look. It’s the kind of gift you give your nephew or your godson, especially if their parents did not want him to have a knife! Hahahaha and it’s only 53$!

The Pioneer Alox Green is super simple, it’s Olive green gives an alpine taste.

    1. blade, large
    2. reamer, punch
    3. can opener
    4. screwdriver 3 mm
    1. bottle opener
    2. wire stripper
    3. screwdriver 7.5 mm
    4. key ring
 And if you like the colour but you prefer other blades or size, or even if you want other knives from the Alox model, there are plenty of them!8866719203358_celum_127670_1280Wx1120H