When we fish we want to know what time it is and that’s all. If you’ve been in the army or have been a boy scout you’ll know how to use this watch (like any watch) as a compass, but what we want from a watch is that it gives us time, and if can be elegant, tough and cheap that would be a plus! So here’s what you need and what we love, the Timex Expedition, an army watch that is similar to the army watches from the 70’s. Water resistant 50 meters (150feet), indiglo so you can check the time in the dark, aluminium case, and the date in case you don’t know what day you are.at  Don’t even think about it twice, just get it! Less than 60$, can’t beat that! And if you don’t like it it green, there are plenty of other colours!  TW4B04700_B TW4B04700_H TW4B04700

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