It was spring 1990, I lived in London at the time, in the mid 80’s african musique became trendy and with the anti apartheid fight, South African music was up the charts. We went to see Hugh Mesekela at the Sub Club, under the underground at Portobello Road. That place dind’t had that kind of gigs, we usualy went there to dance, it was a dance place and at the time the music was mainly trip hop. But there we were, the crowd was not the usual one, there was the usual trendy kids plus the jazz fans and all the one who came to support anti apartheid. On stage Hugh Mesekela was with a small band, not the big one he used to play with. Lord, what a gig! We danced all night! I still have goose bumps whenever I listen to Coal Train. Here’s a live version, with the full band. Thank you Hugh Mesekela for opening our eyes, and hearts. Cette version live est magnifique.