Can you feel it? Can you feel the salt on your lips, can you feel the sand under you feet, the warm water up to your knees, can you feel the heat, hear the wind, and that fish, did you see that fish? You’re cooked, they’re isn’t much we can do for you, you are hooked. The next thing we can do is advise you to read In The Salt #4 issue!inteh-salt-full

Fly Fish for Sailfish!pacific-sailfish

Bones from the Kiritimati’s (while they’re still there!)kiribati

Flycastaway a travel agent like no otherflycastaway

The Tie ‘n Fly Boxflybox

Pato Bagus! Where is that?
pato-bagusBlue Bastard, meet your new playfriend!blue-bastard

Explorer Reel. zzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee!reels

Cocos, island life.cocos