So you got some moolah for Xmas? Auntie Margaret gave you a little check? Maybe you already sold back the presnets you didn’t like and now you have a pretty thick cash enveloppe? It’s time for you to buy yourself the gift you deserve! Did you think about the Nano Puff Jacket from Patagonia, since it’s cold outside? Why we like the Nono Puff more than any other jacket? Easy, it’s the Primaloft! Yes, bye bye feathers, you won’t have to worry about the geese and ducks no more and guess what? The Primaloft is waterproof, well sort of, what it does, it that it still keep you warm when wet! Who can beat that? For us fly fishermen it’s the best! you can dip your forearm in the water and your jacket will get wet, but you won’t be cold! And it dries almost as fast as your fly! What more do you need? It comes in many colours, it’s the jacket we wear, and we won’t chang for another one. If you are really cold, you can even get one with a hoodie! 84212_VIK_OM1 84212_VIK_OM2 84212_VIK_OPENFor less than 200$ there is no better warmth protection for anglers and outdoorsmen. And if you are picy about the colour, make your choice! But do’nt ever forget to match it with the right underwear or layers!