For several years now, the Perdigon has been the nymph everyone is fishing with, I should say the Killer Nymph, almost nothing resists that nymph that is coming from Spain. It’s a deadly fly, if you now where to make it swim. But it’s almost as deadly if you use it after a dry as an indicator. A lot of people dislike this fly because it’s like giving offering a glass of whisky to a alcoholic, they cannot resist! Personnaly, I try not to use it, but sometimes it’s the last weapon if you want to catch difficult fish. So since it’s winter and you are probably bored, here to play a little to the vise. This tutorial comes from a fantastic Romanian page Fly Tying, a bible where you can spend hours, I mean nights! I beleive the Perdigon is a beautiful nymph in a fly box, a deadly b*tch in the water.