This week we are going to review what you need on your fishing vest, if you wear one. Your vest is like you, and we are all different, there is the “Worried” who is going to carry everything he might need, from toilet paper, to all the tippets availables, a thermometer, all the gadgets he can buy from a fly shop (don’t laugh, we all did it at the beginning) and the “Light fisherman”, who probably only has a nippet and a 5X tippet. In between those two, there are all those little things we need, they are compulsory to your fishing gear! Without them, you can’t really fish. Of course that selection is for fresh water. So here’s what you need on your vest to be a real fley fisher!

The Pliers! You need a pair, and some good ones, they are going to become your best friends, they’ll help you to release the fish without hurting it, it might also save its life if they “swallow” the fly, you’ll be able to get it out easily (even better if you use barbless hooks), they also help you flattening the barb if you don’t have a dedicated plier or if you don’t already use barbless hooks. Now there are several kind of pliers or forceps or hemostat, but what you want them to have in common is that they clip so you they stay closed on your pocket or on any part of the vest. They “bite” and like a pittbull, they won’t let go! The first kind is very basic, let’s call them the hemostat. They clamp and that’s it. But as I mentionned with the zinger, they can be shiny and send glares that you don’t want the fish to see. So we tend to prefer the Loon products that are black coated, and don’t slip from your hand. Otherwise the one we also recommend are Dr Slick’s  pliers. They are tough and basic. But our one is the Loon Rogue Forceps.rogue-forceps-with-comfy-grip