This week we are going to review what you need on your fishing vest, if you wear one. Your vest is like you, and we are all different, there is the “Worried” who is going to carry everything he might need, from toilet paper, to all the tippets availables, a thermometer, all the gadgets he can buy from a fly shop (don’t laugh, we all did it at the beginning) and the “Light fisherman”, who probably only has a nippet and a 5X tippet. In between those two, there are all those little things we need, they are compulsory to your fishing gear! Without them, you can’t really fish. Of course that selection is for fresh water. So here’s what you need on your vest to be a real fly fisher!

The Nippers! You have to have some it’s the first tool you’ll hook to your Zinger! You want some Nippers because you don’t want to use your teeth! Many people use their teeth, first it’s not a good idea because you’ll make your dentist rich (instead you should spend that money in fishing trips) and second even if you think you bite that nylon perfectly, it’s not the case, so get yourslef a pair a Nippers! You can find several  kinds. coupe-ongle-pour-les-pieds-les-mains-code-39730070At first I used a nail clipper, I thought I was cool, but the blades are round which doesn’t make a straight cut, they are often too heavy, they rust and they are shinny and make the famous “kling kling” we want to avoid. So nail clippers are off. Capture d’écran 2018-01-09 à 15.45.10Than you have the original Nipper, the one that every brand has in stock they almost always come with a needle that allows you to take the vernish or the glue out from the eye of the hook. Get a dark and metal one. They are all are good! Some even come with a file and a knot helper! I choose the simpliest one, I want to cut nylon and pierce the hook eye. That’s all. Capture d’écran 2018-01-09 à 15.45.45The price ranges from a few bucks to very expensive brands… Than there are the “ceramic”ones, often made of plastic, they are light, dark but made out from plastic, they cut like a japanese blade, like the Mouching one. Choose the one you want, it’s probably the most useful thing you’ll need on your vest! Ho, I forgot, don’t even think of cuting anything else than nylon, like your nails for instance, it’ll ruin the blades!clipperceram