You are back at work, it’s hard isn’t it? The first week of January is always tougher than the other ones, we still haven’t digested all the food and drinks from New Year’s Eve, we lack a good night sleep, our body has to fight against the cold, our mind needs more daiylight, but the worst is our addiction that requires it’s dosis of flyfishing! How bad do we miss the summer days when you are loooking for the shade under the big trees, when you go to the streams and don’t have to gear up like an astronaut! How bad do you miss those days? Don’t worry, soon, you’ll be wearing a tee shirt and running up the creek with a fly rod in your hand! In the meantime, here’s for you! Some might fall asleep, others might keep on dreaming, all of us will wish they were there, in the Appalachian streams, in the summer, under the shade of the tall and thick rhododendrons. Perfect to start 2018 with!