Pure as gold, a perfect gem, this issue is for us, saltwater fly fishers the proof that we are right and that the main reason we love salt it’s because it’s AWESOME! Need we say more? Just forget about winter and the coldwave hitting every country in the Northern hemisphere and dive in Tail #33, the water is blue, warm, and fish are happy! So should you be!cover

Gear! New Year: New Rod, or at least dream about it!gear-rods

Inside the Box What kind of flies have you got? inside-box

2$ Cigars. Hard for us who have been fishing for cheap during 20 years to share this with you. But even if the prices are X3 times, you should go!2$cuba

Less effort, More distance : how’s your cast? cast-better

Chasing Albies. Here they come by thousands!albies

South East Coast: Redfish!south-east-coast

Beers, which one is yours? beer

Bou Bosso : Silver Kings!boubosso

Grouper & Shrimp Chowder: Bon Appétit!food

Louisiana Redfishseeing-spots

Fly Tying : Simple Shrimptying-shrimp

An angler opines opinion

It’s over, sweet dreams.