It happened to me once in Cuba. We were not looking for Tarpon but we came accross a massive school, luckely I had a #10 with me, so I casted. I casted again, and again, I changed my fly at least 10 times, all the colors in my fly box, tried Puglisi, tried feathers, tried gummies… nothing. The tarpon were like those ones, feeding like crazy on something I did not have and they were not going to take what I casted at them. Of course there were big, of course they were probably smaller than I imagined them. Thi sis what we have to deal with, frustration. Even when they take your fly, only a small amount will come to the boat. But the main thing about that drone shot is the way Tarpon are getting in a circle to feed. I love to watch them from above. They are so beautiful. I’m in love with the Tarpon.