WW_logo_SP15Worn Wear! What is this? Well if you buy Patagonia gear, there is probably a good reason, First: their gear is awesome, Second: they are Earth Friendly, Third: the gear has an unlimited warranty… So you’ve used your waders so much they need to be fixed, your down jacket is loosing its feathers… whatever it is, you need a repair. But what about Worn Wear? Give a second life to your gear! You can of course have it fixed, or do the repair yourself, but you can also have it bought back by Patagonia, that will clean it and fix it and than sell it back on Worn Wear, because everyone cannot afford new gear and some people like gear that is not new! Isn’t that awesome? Check here for the Worn Wear tour!Cycles of life, recycling is the way! Here’s the Worn Wear page.