You’re there, alone, chilling, on your secret spot, by your pool where you always come to cathc your trout, and than you hear that sound, like a moskito or like an electrique shaver, yo raise your eyes and what do you see? A drone! It’s coming to ruin your secret spot! Quick your Drone Gun! Like a Starship trooper you send a beam to the bird !  At the other end, on its screen the drone operator goes blind, his screen is jamed ! No arm to the drone, you send a beam that cuts the image connection! The guy only has to press the Coming Home button , and get his bird back. You? You keep on fishing on your favorite spot whitout anyone watchin gyou on Youtube! Oh, for the moment it’s not available to the public, yet. But soon, who knows? DG+TACTICAL_SIDE+RENDERDG+TACTICAL+INTERFACE_BLACK+BACKGROUND