I know it’s going to hurt you, I know it’s painful but at the same time it’s bliss, how weird is our world?  Our world? Yes the world we live in, an addict life, all winter we dream of spring and summer fishing, when spring comes we are too busy to have a social life, when summer comes we’re too busy going fishing, when fall arrives, we have the urge to catch “the last fish of the season”, than we start craving… that’s a fly fisher’s life and we are not talking about the amount of frustration we have to deal with every day by the water, the amount of money we spend, the amount of miles we fly or drive to catch a fish, or try to. Fish becomes more exensive than gold. We would be rich if we had saved all the money and worked all the hours we went fishing, but we cannot help it, we are addicted.

Soon, soon the season is going to open and we’ll be fly fishing by the river again, more or less 3 to 4 months to wait. So here’s to you. A perfect day fishing. I know, you are going to love watching it, but at the same time, it’s hurful or painful, you choose.