I remenber in the 80’s everyone who would say that they were going to fish in Brittany, would be laughed at! At that time the rivers of Brittany, were polluted by the extension of industrial agriculture, mainly porc farms, and the there was no considaration what soever regarding water. It took several years and the fight of everyone to stop the expension of porc farming, and to make the farmers aware that the way they were doing it was killing everything. In the early 90’s I had the chance to go several years in a row fishing in Brittany, but I wouldn’t bragg about it, I kept a low profile, to go fly fishing in Brittalny, was like going fly fihsing in a dumbster. But much to my surprise, I fished Le Léguer, the Aven, the Ellé, the Elorn and many more and all those rivers were filleed with brown trout, there was numerous and anoying parr, sumping on my flies! Even Salmon that would make a run in between our feet when we surpirsed them resting. No the rivers of Brittany didn’t deserve the reputaion they had as empty rivers.

The Léguer is becoming a wild river again, but it wasn’t by magic, it is due to the enormous amount of work made by the Brittons and  Rivières Sauvages who have made a tremandous job. This film  Le Léguer is a tribute to their work. here’s the trailer, it might be difficult if you don’t speak french because there is a lot of talking, the final film will be out in July.

In the meantime you can support Rivières Sauvages Wilde Rivers by giving.