1d78f1_4673e869e8984a58a127f6d0522a8979~mv2_d_4960_3507_s_4_2Domaine de Coyolles is a reservoir one hour drive North of Paris, it’s a place we like but the 10th of March it’s going to be a place you love! We are teaming up with the travel agent DHD Laika Voyages and a Salmon on the Fly Club for a whole day dedicated to travel and fly fishing! We’ll take some films with us (what else) and our expertise, DHD will come with all their fishing destinations and the Club des Saumoniers, (the salmon guys) will help you to find the gear and destination that suits you, but also help you with your Spey cast! Vincent Carré from le Domaine de Coyolles and Jean-Claude Monthéard will hold a double haul clinic, once in the morning, once in the afternoon!

You want to book! And for that matter, just follow that link buy clicking HERE