Soon it’s going to be Opening day, what we all been waiting for, all of us is that all of us: flyfishermen? What about fly fishingwomen ! Until recently, my wife had to wear waders and men’s gear that made her look… like a potatoe… and she didn’t like it! Thank to the key fly fishing pros like April Vokey, things are changing and now women can find gear especially made for them. My wife and her friends are always thrilled wen new gear for women is available. So here’s a compilation of the women’s gear for fly fishing, fresh water and salt. So nowadays, there is at last women gear, with a different cut and colours than men’s because we are different.

Fresh Water

The Base, Compulsory the base layer, is what you need to wear at the bottom to feel warmth on the top, you’ll be wading, therefore you don’t want to go cheap, you need the  Capilene!







The Top Base  it’s like the bottom, you need warmth in the early days or the last days of the season, it’s what you are going to build your warmth with, you are going to add layers, as if you were skiing!






The Shirt, as we are fresh water fishing, the stretch shirt is exactly what we want. You’ll like the several colours they come in.






The Micro Puff vest it comes in several colours too, it’s a must when you are fishing in mid season, the good thing about it is that you wear it all year long, fishing or not.






The Micro puff, there is almost almost nothing to add, it’s THE jacket you must have, micro puff, don’t worry where your feathers are coming from, it’s all synthetic, you can still keep on fishing when wet, because it’ll still keep you warm!





The Waders, until recently, if you were a women and wanted a pair of waders, you had to get men’s and you ended looking, not as you wanted to. So the Women’s waders are now comfortable with a cut that is especially made for women’s shape and body. At last!





Les Shoes, we chose the Ultra light Sticky but you can choose from sticky soles to felt and even other wading shoes models. My wife picked those ones regarding the intensive use she has. You can add cleats if needed and they are super comfortable.





THE rain jacket! The name says it all : River / Salt Jacket. Perfect jacket to be wearing by the river on a flat boat traveling between the keys or under a tropical rain! Two big pockets for your fly boxes, nice colour and great comfortable cut, what else?



Salt water

Please prtoect yourself, protect your skin, sun is not your friend, it can cause skin cancer.




The Hoody, it’s the base of all protection under the sun, maybe the best one, with it’s hoody and the thumb holes to be sure your sleeves don’t go up. It’s UPF 50+, you feel the cool breeze going through but you’ll be safely protected. A must!






The long sleeve Tee  Tropic Comfort, as fo the hoody it’s t en UPF 50, bi-color, or with a nice fish logo in the back. It has no hood because some people don’t like hoods.





The Bra! You are going to double haule to get taht bonefish, therfore you want to be comfortable and you need a bra, some women still prefer to wear a bathing suite, but a sport bra makes the all difference!






The Sol Patrol shirt, it’s the same thing with men some fly fishing women prefer to wear a shirt rather than wearing a hoody or a long sleeve tee. So here’s a shirt for you! But it’s only UPF 30.




Fall river pants, it might not be the perfec pants for tropics but it’s ood enough to be comfortable on a flat boat. Patagonia, you have to make a little effort on the tropical pants, please.







 Technical Sun Gloves, gloves, they might not be on the top of your shopping  list, THEY SHOULD BE! The top of your hands is where the sun likes to bite, so first you do’nt want to have hands like an old lezard skin, and yo want to be healthy. So protect yourslef with those gloves, they are the best!


Of course, on top of that salt water gear you want o use UPF100+ sunblock and moisturizer once you’re back at the lodge. Salt water fly fishing is fun, skin disease is not. You only have one skin.