We are like bears, we stayed put in our den all winter long, now it’s going to be tim efor us to get out, it starts to stink like old farts and we’re starvingç! We’re starving for fish and to walk along the river only wearing a shirt! It’s enough to sit by the fireplace looking at the calender to know when it’s time to go out! WE WANT TO FISH! Ok, we can stay a little longer but not too much, what do you have to give us so we don’t get bored? The latest issue from This Is Fly! Hell yeah, we’re staying home if I can read This is Fly #66! so should you! TIF66

What about starting by clicking on that mixtape by Asher Koles? That’ll give you a nice soundtrack whil eyou read TIF 66!mixtape

Our two hands by Asher Kolesour2hands


Fly Fish Food: tye some flies!


Tuesdays, we over excited since we fish on wednesdays!


Salmon Rescue by Katka Svagrovasalmon-rescue

The Bad Boyz by Jako Lucas, shake some GT! thebadboy

Artisit  is Clay Nowak.clayartist

Indicators habits, get rid of that shit! indicator-

Olivier Bernard, on board photographer.olivier-bernard

Blood Oath, keep that secret, secret.blood-oath

Atlanticus : Tarponatlanticus

You can go back to hibernation now, unless it’s time to fish!