In guess you’re asking yourself “who’s that guy”? The answer is very short for us french fly fishing anglers, he’s one of the best of us, he is an entrepreneur of the fly fishing world, he used to have a company that he sold when it was #1 fly fishing company in France and probably in Europe and more recently he bought an another one, Mouches Devaux, which is about to take over the french market, because Jeam)Marc Chignard is a passionate, he knows what he is talking about, he knows how to make rods and he is a complete angler. He is also a hell of a caster, so how best can it get when you have free lessons from a guy like that? It might be in French but that shouldn’t stop you, just watch and learn. Three short films, half a hour of free class!

Remember it’s casting for beginers.

#1 Casting  [youtube=]

#2 Fake casts [youtube=]

#3 Tricks and practice [youtube=]

#4 Role cast [youtube=]