Eagle Review, watizit?  You might ask, but many of you already now what it is. For the ones who don’t, let say it’s like if Airbnb et Tripadvisor had an outdoor’s son! Eagle Review has reviews on  the main fishing and hunting lodges. As for its cousins Airbnb and trip advisor you can write comments on the destinations, but only if you have been, let’s keep it fair play! But this website is a mine! And it’s not all of it, they offer you the possibility to win a fishing trip in the lodge of your choice! For that matter, you’ll just have to write a review on one of the 5 385 destinations they have! Capture d’écran 2018-02-28 à 14.40.39

Win a fishing trip for a value of 5000$ in the destination of your choice! Choose among  the 5 385 destinations in 163 countries for hunting or fishing!

How it works? Write a review on one lodge you visited, if you visited severl lodges, write several reviews, each of them will be considered as a single entry!

You have untl March 31rst!

  1. Go to Review form on Eagle Review.com at the bottom of their page. Write a review.review
  2. Each review will be considered as a single entry, the more reviews you write, the more chances you’ll get to win!
  3. Sweet dreams until the winner is known on April 10th!