Capture d’écran 2018-03-06 à 19.49.26Here it comes, just in time for you to read it before opening day (if ther is an opening day where you are) and if it’s the case, we all now opening day is around mid March, so for you, to add a little pressure but also to give you pleasure, here is the latest issue of  Eat Sleep Fish, #75! A magazine dedicated to fly fishing in England, not about those chalk streams that are made for people who don’t really fish,  you know the kind I am talking about, the ones which the river  banks are mowed every day, and the trout, very often come from an hatchery… we are too young to go fish those rivers, even if a lot of them have a name that makes us dream because they are the craddle of fly fishing. But today, very few can afford those beats, only when trout season is over, and nobody wants to fish for Grayling, that’s when we can go, but, hey, is it really fun? So let’s go back to our wild little trout, to our streams and rivers that are not gardened, let’s go to Devonshire! By the way, you might read about Devonshire on Le Mouching, later this year. In the meantime, enjoy reading Eat Sleep Fish!