If you stuck home or at the office and you cannot go out to fly fish, maybe we have something in stock for you: Fishing on the Fly! You have a PC, great! You are going to have fun! Get to the rivers of the West (you have a selection of the best ones), get the right fly (you can tye some of your own) and cast for those trout! You can also choose your gear, from a selection of reels, rods even waders and boots! Watch out, you’ll be fishing in the wilderness, you might encounter bears or wolves!All of that sitting at your desk of even lying on your couche! All you need, is a pc, and play on Steam! I know it’s not the real thing, but, when it comes to fly fishing, we are ready to go to any length! Probably the best thing to do when you cannot go to the river and that you are done fly tying, rod building or just reading Le Mouching !