I watched this film and it moved so much that I had no other choice but to share it with you. The reality of life in the Reservations are a shock to us. It is so hard to live when there is no future, no hope, no job, on ly alcohol and meth and wehn lives of youth are not taken away by addiction they are by suicide. But hope exists and this film shows it, it is a prrof that something can be done for the future generations and by the future generations. This film is a so well shot, that Genevieve Iron Lightning, that teenager whom we follow is doing all she can to have a better futur, for her brothers to have a better futur, for everyone in Cheyenne River Reservatin to hava a better futur. lakotaamerica_sliderFor all those reasons, you have to watch this film because this film shows there is hope, that it is not because you grow up in an environment where alcohol and addiction are widely spread that there is no hope and no futur. This film is breathtaking.

In 2011, the firsst year of the program, Cheyenne River Youth Project gratuated 10 interns, by the end of 2017, nearly 500 interships would have been completed

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