Una river, pride of the Balkans, but for how long? This film is more, much more than the ordinary fly fishing film we post daily on Le Mouching, this film is a shout to the world. A shout that all of you readers, each of you has to shout about, let the world know what is happening, how a dam can destroy much more than a river, how a dam can ruin a whole environemt, a whole country, its landscapes, its water system, its inhabitants, everything. We must let the world know that building a dam on one of the last wild rivers of Europe is a crime. And the price will be high to pay for the next generations.

Una River is one of the only, maybe the only, paradise where hucho live in an habitat that suites them perfeclty.

So here’s the trailer of Una the One, but please buy the film, 1€ of each purchase will be donated to Riverwatch.eu to support them in their fight against dams in the Balkan region!!

Una – The One from BrothersOnTheFly on Vimeo.