There is the Northern Patagonia, the one we like because it feels familiar, and for that reason we oftne go there. We find it familiar because we feel at home, we feel we are fishing the rivers of our childhood, but with extraordinary fish! And than there is the other Patagonia, the Southern one the one we are attracted to as if we were attaracked to the unknown, the one with big migratory fish, a way of fishing that can sometimes be confusing because it’s often very different than the way we are used to fly fish our rivers or a way of fishing we can identify to. I’ts more like wet fishing with streamers. But fishing for migratories, triggers a whole other world of feelings, as if a junky would have found a new drug, much stronger! And that feeling that only the drug addicts or alcoholics can understand, can drive you crazy!So for the crazyness you can trust Christer Sjöberg, the boss from Solid Adventures, he knows. Soin Southern PAtagonia, in a landscape that you are not familiar with, at the Tres Amigos, on Rio Santa Cruz, that river that runs in the middle of the “big empty” the “big nothing”, a motorway for Atlantic steelhead, like a junky waiting for his hit! Stay warm it might get windy and if you are afraid you cannot resist, don’t watch that film, but you would be missing something!