What’s Saudade? Saudade is a portuguese word that discribes a state of mind which is Melencholia and Nostalgia at the same time, it’s very brasilian, Saudade is like the blues. It’s the juice that makes you write about the sadness of life. And that’s exactly the feeling I have coming out from my surgeon after he told me hat I had a torn ligament and arthrosis in the shoulder and he has to operate to fix it, and it’s probably going to take me on a non casting season of several months. Life sucks, but, i’ll cast better this fall I guess! In the meantime I’m listening to Andorinha by Antonio Carlos Jobim from the record Stone Flower. João Palma at Drums, Urbie Green’s Trombone. Ron Carter, Double Bass, Harry Lookofsky, Violin, Hubert Laws, Flute and Jobim’s Fender Rhodes piano. The film is from our dear Javier Mayoral. All together brings me joy in my sadness. Listen loud. It’s beautiful it’ll bring Saudade to your heart.