We all know Spain for it’s beaches, the bullfights, the night life, the olive oil, the wine and for most of us, fishing with a fantastic weather in amazing rivers and lakes. But let’s dig a little deeper, in Los Picos de Europa, in the Pays Vasco, in Galicia, that’s where the Salmon is, it’s the Southernmost Atlantic Salmon you can find. And it’s the pride of the Cordillera Cantabrica. Although, it’s not easy to catch, mainly because it’s pretty hard to find a permit, it’s an amazing fish, let’s do everything we can to protect it. A great trailer, we’re waiting for the full film, even if we don’t like the music. It’s always the same problem, we often have great films but they too often have this shitty  kind of music, the Gaellic/classical style, that you would never listen to if it wasn’t on a film… too bad.