This film is like poetry, the lyrics of Sweet & Bitter by Junip, the pace, the rythm of the song, the feeling that is brought to us by the river, the snow we see, the cold we feel. Everything seems unreal and yet completly realistic. We are byt this river, we touch that trout. We feel the cold water, but the happyness of catching a fish on sight with a streamer, playing with the fish actualy, is so strong, that we don’t care if it’s cold.  We just love it.

Running up the hill with a new lit love
Pass a silver lining and then a white dove
Caught up in first names all colors but blue
Mirrors right and left unambiguous clues
Surrounding everything a thin white smoke
Rings of ornaments out of leaves and fine strokes
Helplessly engaged in a game with no end
Sweet and bitter taste webs following a trend
Sweet and bitter taste
Immediate and steep lifted crossing roads
Repetition will displace all eventual codes
Converging heavily to a systems offshoot
Unfold into a tree redirected hard root
Sweet and bitter taste