There you are fly fishing with the Chignard Brothers going upstream on the Traun River in Germany, North of the little town of Altenmarkt an der Alz in Bavaria. Jean-Marc Chignard, owner of Mouches Devaux and his brother Jean-Claude have been fishing together forever, and it shows! At first the trout are feeding on nymphs, than an emergers to finaly go for dries! It’s a lesson to watch them fish together, finding the right approach, spotting the fish, than trying the flies, finding the right current, the right depth with their nymphs, than finding that the fish is starting to go for flying insects, but that they really go for emergers.

Once more, seeing others fishing is always a lesson, a lesson of humility and observation. Fly fishing is always about watching nature and matching it. And the Chignard brothers are just amazing to watch when they are fishing together.