Salt #5

coversaltThe kind of fly fishing magazine that is going to drive you nuts! Salt is indeed going to drive you insane because it’s showing you what sometimes we cannot get, things and places we can only dream about: Jacks, GT’s, Bonefish, Mahi Mahi, trigger, all the species you can fly fish for in the tropical salwater. But most of all there are those pictures that area mazing, that taste of salt under the sun, that you need to get out of winter, places with names such as Alphonse, Christmas and many more, even Croatia! Read full screen, you are going to travel!


Mahi Mahi from CROATIA ! (Don’t tell us that there is no global warming!)mahi-mahiPhoto contest.  Who won?photo-bomb

Wha about we go on Alphonsealphonse

Peter Morse, salt waer fly fishing legend.morse

Ready to go fly fishing on a Sup ? Wassup Browassup

What’s in your Fly Boxflybox

Tan Lines, Triggers, Bones and sun! tan-lines

Species Spotlight : Humans ! Hahahaha ! humans

Hmmmm…. nice Gear you have!saltgear

My flat-boat, from A to Z! missin

Go take a shower to get that salt out from your body! Until next issue!