Fly fishing and canoe in the Tarn canyon!

The Tarn river, is the river where as a kid I caught my first serious trout, I mean trout that were bigger than 10 inches! Since I’m a kid I go canoeing  and fishing in Les Gorrges du Tarn, this magnificient canyon on the southern part of the county. I take my kids there like my parents took me as their parents took them! This river is history in our family! I remeber in the late 70’s we would down the river with my fishing friends, camp and eat our catch, cooking potatoes in the ashes, it was the first step into freedom. At that time I was only fishing with lures, fly fishing was for me something you could only do when you were “grown up”. I remember my sister’s friends, the borthers Gaillard and the famous Pierre Affre talk about their fly fishing trips around the world and it was like in a dream. It was still wonderland for me.

Earlier this May, I received an email : We’re a bunch of friends, wand we plan to go down Gorges du Tarn canoeing and fly fishing! I  jumped off my chair! What? They are going down the river Tarn? But this year early May the river is high as in March! But I loved the idea and it reminded me when I was a kid. So I told them Go for it, we’ll put your film on Le Mouching! And they did it! If you want to read all abaout their trip it’s there: Hourc (in French). Otherwise, just watch that awesome film!

And come fly fishing in France, we’ll help you out with the best guides we know!