Music Day.

It started in 82 in France, the Music Day, every 21rst of June, we HAVE to dance, play music, whoever we are, whatever we like! It’s the day big bands, small bands, calssical orchestras, hip hop singers, watever you play, whatever you like it’s time to get out and dance ! I know some countries are starting to do the same: Music Day. I remember, back in 82, we were shy, very few people dared to play music now, everywhere you are in France, there are free concerts, dj’s, singers, bars are filled and people party! You should do the same!

Here is our contribution with TWO amazing mixtapes from Laurent Reus from Portugal, eclectic music that won’t let you sitting down you’ll have to dance! Enjoy and play it loud!  You can of course download the first Agora Sol HERE and Agora Sol 2  THERE. Otherwise, just play them using the links below. We warn you, it’s HOT!