Roosticman : Funk#Soul#Deep

Are you ready to be shaken? Well I beleive it’s a mixtape Anthony Bourdain would have danced to. I did and I will again! This mixtape from Roosticman our friend from Barcelona is just the kind of mixtape you cannot resist to dance to, it’s HOT! You can play it at the begening of the evening but I would recommend you do it way into the night. It’s a real dance machine. Be prepared. You can download it here or just play it by clicking the link below. We warn you, it’s really hot! My wife says it’s H&M music. I don’t beleive so Nu Funk started in Brooklyn in the 80’s and here’s the major part of the tracklist.

Gimme Some Soul by Skeewiff
Funky 8 Ball by DJ Kemit , Frank McComb
Funky Groove by Salade Tomate
Pick Up The Funk by Massimo Vanoni
Feel It In Your Soul by Funky Dee Feat. Mieczyk
Love To Love You Baby by Anane Feat Roberto Cavalli
Do You Believe it by Hennings Project feat Nickson
Black Diamond by DJ Funky T ft Abisade
Fling High by DJ Funky T ft Melo
Fantasy by Earth Wind & Fire , Neal Conway
Funky Good Time by Glen Underground
Papa Was a Rolling Stone by Soul Groove – Funky Judge
As by Stevie Wonder – Neal Conway
The House Music Anthem by Curtis Mcclain
Africa Funky by The Sientists Of Sound
and many more