The Winter issue !

Yes, Winter ! Because Australia is on the antipodes of the Northern hemisphere and since In The Salt is an Australian magazine, it’s their winter issue as we are burning in Summer heat!cover-good

In The Salt is perfect for us because it gives us time to organize our winter and dream about exotic fishing. It has everything we need, and even more it has everything we need to know! The places to go, the flies to tie, the gear to have and the fish to catch (or eat sometimes)! And what else but to read a fly fishing magazine once you’ve been out in the heat and it’s time to take a nap? Read it now, pictures are awesome !

Arabian Fly – Omanarabian-

Chasing Silver, freshwater silver.chasing-silver

Accuracy and Precisionaccuracy

The Fly Box!flybox

Blue Salmonblue-salmon

Stuff you need (or not)stuff

Escape to Paradise – Attutakiparadise

And to finish; the Tailing Looptailing-loop

Enjoy all those amazing pictures and sweet dreams!