GT, Trigger, Bluefin on the fly

When you tell people you are into fly fishing, they instantly see you wearing a tweed jacket, rubber boots, smoking a pipe and catching salmon with a gillie somewhere in Scotland, than having a whisky in a cristal glass by a fireplace in a castle. Or, if they are more modern, they see you as Brad Pitt in a River runs trhough it. That is terrible but true, people don’t see fly fishing as a real sport. So if they doubt that you need to be fit, show them this film, they’ll be surprised. As for us fly fishers, this film is a gem! Let’s go Sudan (well we have to be sure we can go back to the US with no problemo after having our passports stamped.) Are you ready to get wet? Get the right boots, coral is nasty but the GT, Tigger and Bluefin are fierce!