This Is Fly #68cover

Everything, everything is against us. At the begining we told ourselves ok, it’s been raining for 4 months now, it’ll stop one day! Than the rain stopped but the floods came in and when the water started to go down, the heat wave came at the same time, fish stayed in the cool of the depth of the deeps, heat has been so high that we had no choice but to stay in all windows closed, ac full speed, feed in a bucket of water, a fan blowing to our face. Water was evaporating as quick as our chances to catch a fish. We could hear the  tick toc of the clock telling us “Dude, season’s gonna be over and you woulnd’t have cought a fish”. Than a ”bling” from the computer woke me up and there it was: This Is Fly latest issue! So here was another good reason to stay at home.  Nothing matters, not the weather, not the heat, not my wife wanting me to do things I don’t want to do, nothing, nothing matters more than being in the quiet of my office, feet on the table, drinking a cool beer and reading#68 This Is Fly, with their mixtape blasting! (just click on the pics)

The Mixtape it’s gonna set the mood you’re going to be in while reading! music choice by Casey Leemixta

The Next Level, Elverything looks better from a ladder! nextlevel

Gear! In case you don’t already have enough.gear

Nick Davis, fly maker! nick-davis



Baja Californiabaja

Casey Underwoodcasey

Patagonia, as never seen.patagonia

Andrew Miller, photographer.andrew-miller

Peacock Bassbuo

Western Stoneswestern

It’s all over now, you can go back to sleep and pretend you’re working.