Save The Blue Heart : Film in Streaming !



You remember when Patagonia invited us in Bosnia for the Première of the film Save the Blue Heart. We were shocked by what we saw, that terrible project, supported by the EU in the futur switch to Natural energy vs coal to build 3000 dams in the Balkans. To that day more than 150 000 signatures  have been collected and you can still add yours (compulsory!) by signing HERE !c3da28eb-be43-4d45-b5dc-db50d5dfd705

On the other hand, at the same time I am writing those lines, Mr Yannick Jadot, European EELV (green) Representant, suggests that in order to shift from fossile energies onto Air/Sun/Dam elctricity, Europe should help with a yearly budget of 100 Billions Euros every year! We approve such a proposal, but we raise a flag and say: what part is going to go to dam building? Because that is the real danger for our rivers, the fish, the animals and the plants! No mentionning all the micro dams that are going to be build with  such an opportuniy, and we KNOW the danger of those micro dams, they ruins everything since they are too small to be concerned by the laws of purgng dams, basically, they can almost do what they want! So that proposal on energy shifting is frightning us after what we seen what might happen in the blakans, even if Bosnia is not in the EU.IMG_5419

Another topic raised by the dam building is the gift given to the concrete industry, because that’s where the money is made when you build a dam and almost all the time the amount of tons3 that are on the estimate are way more at the end.

But more than the gift made to the Concrete Industry our main concern is definatly the protection of rivers, fish, animals and flora and faune.

For you to really understand what we are talking about and what is at stake here is free of charges the film  SAVE THE BLUE HEART. A must watch!

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