The silence of the Dolomites

The ray of light was hitting the floor from the window, I new right away that it was going to be a long day. I got up and closed the shutters that I had left open to  let the cool air of the night come in. In the dim light of the office, coffee mug in a hand I was scrolling the web to find the right film or a good story to cool you down in that heat wave. But I found nothing, the wab was as dry as the little streams coming down from the Palanges, the hills in front of the house. I did find a film on Alberta, but the flyfishers were casting like beginners and the music was just unbearable! So I decided to share that film with you, The Silence of the Dolomites, because the soundtrack is beautiful and the cool air from the moutains would do you good in that heatwave! Enjoy, but don’t catch a cold!