Joe Humpreys : 86 ans young!

Here a good slap on your face, I mean the face of the ones who are complaining because it’s tiring to go to the river, the ones who are complaining for everything. That slap come from the right and hits you in the face, first you feel the palm of the hand and than the fingers, and your cheak is burning, but what you just felt is love, it’s to proove you that you are alive and that you have to take the best from what life has to offer! Here’s the trailer from Live The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys. Joe Humpreys life is so rich I which we all have a life like his but mainly that we <ill be able to give back as much as he does! I hope I’ll be able to fish like him when I’m 86. This trailer is a lesson for all of us, but a nice lesson.  Now go out fly fishing, and don’t complain!