Blundetto : Slow Dance

The end of sumer, you never want it to happen, you want those last summer days to be endless, you want to keep on that special feeling, that skin against yours, you want time to stop. SO for you, here’s Blundettos amazing mix of Slow Dance! No NOT the slow dance you think about, not the one from the 60’s but the “Brasilian Slow Dance”, from Nordeste. What happend is that in the clubs they started playing reggae tracks and dub and people started dancing in couples! You have to try it, it’s hot hot hot! Download that Mixtape from our friend Blundetto or click below on the pic, but turn the sound up, dim the lights and dance with your partner! The night is your friend!

And here’s Blundetto’s Music video from Blundetto’s latest album so you get the idea!