Smooth Sailing: Sea Grooves & Latin Moods by Professor Eddy

Ooooo00000OOO00000oooh! it’s summertime and it’s hot as hell! Laurent Keiff was at home and we said et’s go fishing when it’ll be cooler  but that cool weather never came. At 8pm it was still 95°F, way to hot to drive to the river and put our waders on, just the thought of it killed us. It was the hottest night in the week, that global warming thing (I know a few people don’t beleive in it) is killing us at midnight it was still 90! So when my wife stashed the BBQ with saussages, I looked at Laurent and I say, shall we stay home? 38254842_10156897266322922_2746985770270064640_nLater, the cousins, their friends, all came down to the house to have a drink in the garden, it was then that I knew I had to put on Professor Eddy’s latest mixtape! To make a long story short, we danced almost until sunrise! But that was yesterday night, maybe you want to  download it too and dance the night away?

It was so hot it reminded me the cazyness of the Spanish clubs in the 80’s:  ¡CALIENTE!