On the river, at home

I never mention my job to you, I mean my real job, since we have a lack of advertisers it’s hard for Le Mouching to be sustainable. So for me, fly fishing and Le Mouching are a way for me to get my energy, it’s like an oasis where I would find a spring to help my thirst. It’s the place where I find the energy to cope with job. It’s where I get my strength from, a compulsory activity to give balance in my life and to change my mind. FLy fishing is what I sahre with you because it has a secret power that is much more than just catching fish. I my daily job, almost every day I help patients who want to destroy themselves and who don’t know how to cope with life and are lost, they are lost because they just don’t know better. So I’m helping them to find a path to happiness, I’m helping them the best I can to see a future, to see an horizon which is a promis for a better life than the precipice in which they fall inexorably in the depth of addiction. So that is my job, and I wish I could take all my patients by the water with a fly fishing rod and show them, as Chad Brown does with Soul River Inc, what life has to offer.